Troll Knotes – Troll Knoll Blog & Stories

Troll Knotes – Troll Knoll Blog & Stories

Notes and thoughts from the Head Troll about the garden, rinkydinks and other shenanigans that go on during the various seasons and when no-one in particular is paying attention.

This is a work-in-progress. Please be patient with this Head Troll as he learns the ins and outs of blogging – hopefully errors and typos forgiven. It is the hope that he will be able to share the garden as it strikes his fancy. Whether it’s a quick photo of a bloom or strange plant (did I plant that?) or the riskydinks causing havoc and playing tricks in the garden.  In the ever changing garden at the top of the knoll, there’s always something to inspire and put dirt under your nails.

9/3/2017 The boxers are digging over by Hercule’s Bluff. You know, down at the swamp. An arm is dragged out of the ground. The sheriff has been called. A corpse is pulled out of the ground by the statue…The book called Troll Knoll Murders has begun.

9/5/2017 There are a number of projects in progress. The Kitchen Garden, TrollKnollian Bay, Opening vistas from the Circular Patio, reclaiming the Chemical Cottage and Bunker, new electrical projects at the Annsville Hotel and redo of the Pergola. This Fall we will redo The Three Graces.

The sheriff left and the folks removed the body of the man, fully clothed. The boxers remained at a distance from the folks. The odors and stench from the corpse in the garden remained and wafted in the breeze. The boxers knew more.

1/16/2018 Some photographers have posted pictures on the Internet about Troll Knoll over the past few years. Notably recently, Diane Sole ( and earlier, Bill Stenwick ( I thought some folks might like to see them and the humor they use.

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