The Practicalities for your visit to Troll Knoll

Due to the volume of people requesting tours, we will give priority to those folks who own and have read the book, Troll Knoll, A Garden Like No Other.

Troll Knoll guided tour

Guided tour given by the Head Troll.

Please keep in mind, that this is a private, personal garden. We open it up to people who have read our book and want to share in the joy and wonder of what we have created along with our friend, Mother Nature.

  • You should bring a water bottle. It should have only water in it or some other non-alcoholic beverage in it.
  • There are no unattended, drop in or unscheduled walks or access allowed. Again, this is a private residence.
  • There are no public toilet facilities at Troll Knoll. Consider stopping at Western Gateway Park. They have excellent facilities there.
  • No dogs, other animals or growling people.
  • This is not a public garden. We do not charge for the tours.  We do this to share and enjoy our garden with others.

A stroll through the gardens can take 2 ½ hours or more depending on the interests and discussion. If you are not interested or capable of that type of walk, this is not an event for you. There is an elevation change of about 300 feet in both directions and numerous steps. Although most of the garden paths are paved, the ground can be uneven and gravelly. Please review the rest of the website before a visit so that you will be informed.

As you can imagine, our time is very important to us.

Once a date and time are set, please do not ask us to change/reschedule. In addition to the time of the walk, about 4 hours is spent preparing for your scheduled walk. That time is in addition to gardening. If you cancel or don’t show up, you are taking time when others could have been here.

Please allow time to be here on time.

Our walk will begin on time with or without you.

We are excited to answer any questions about the garden.

We don’t answer questions about our home much. Do ask about the garden and structures or other civil questions. We invite interaction with our guests. We love suggestions and assistance in planning what we are doing in our garden.

If you want to know about a particular plant, consider taking a picture of the plant and sending it to us with a request to know what it is. Please let us know when you were here and where it was in the garden. We will try to respond with the information.

Troll Knoll is a garden with our home in it.

It is a walk only for those sure of foot and able to negotiate rocky paths and steps. Those folks should be mindful of the irregularities of the steps and paths, which are constructed so to provide a presence and ambience. There are numerous sitting areas along the walks.

No dogs, other animals or growling people. Our warthogs and jumping boxers are quite enough.

Many people ask about making donations, etc.

We do this viewing of our garden to invite folks interested in sharing our garden. We appreciate the interest to help us, but do not believe it can be a requirement of the garden or we will lose the essence of why we do this. We do this to enjoy our garden with others.

Please pass these ‘Practicalities’ onto other folks in your group before your visit.

We expect the person requesting the tour to provide the above information so there’s no misunderstandings. The person requesting the garden tour is responsible for their group.