Walks and Strolls

A Walk Through The Garden

A sign shows you the way to the various vignettes.

Wherever the path may lead you…

Troll Knoll consists of 119 vignettes that have been created over the past 20 years and are spread over 20 acres. The basis for each viewpoint is determined by how Ann and John feel at the time of inception and the raw materials on hand. Some are serious, some whimsical, some have double meanings but all are an inspiration.

A stroll through the gardens can take 2 ½ hours or more depending on the interests and discussion. There is an elevation change of about 300 feet in both directions and numerous steps. Although most of the garden paths are paved, the ground can be uneven and gravelly.

Below are a listing of some of the walks you might find interesting. Keep in mind that these walks will vary depending on the season…and that’s just part of the beauty of Troll Knoll, a garden like none other.

Considered Walks and Strolls

Troll Knoll vistas

One of the vistas on a clear day

  • The High Heel Walk
  • The Old Annsville Road
  • Animals Abound
  • Statuary Studies
  • Roses in the Garden
  • Long View Vistas
  • Mechanics of Troll Knoll: Water, Solar and Mulch
  • Patios
  • Ponding
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Structures
  • Space Ships, Rockets and Extraterrestrial Amici
  • Water Features, Fountains, and Streams

Seasonal Walks

  • Fall Color
  • Spring Flowers
  • The Summer Garden
  • Wintering

Interactive Areas

  • The Troll Knoll International Raceway
  • The Course at Troll Knoll
  • The Nature Trail