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  • Troll Knoll Garden – as an amateur photographer, John has the enviable job of photographing his creations, both static and changing.
  • Seasonal Inspirations – One of the joys of living in Nevada County is we enjoy four seasons so our landscape is constantly changing.
  • Visitors and Tours – Children, the young at heart, witches, Red Hat groups, car clubs are all invited to share our private garden.
  • Articles and Interviews – Over the years, articles have been written about Troll Knoll in newspapers, magazines and now its own book.
  • Videos – Aerial views of Troll Knoll, the wall mural being painted, are just a few of the videos we’d like to share…with more to come.


When you’re done, please schedule a visit, leave us a comment or ask us a question. We enjoy sharing our garden with people.