Soroptomist Garden Tour 2013

Saturday May 18-19, 2013.

The Head Troll, John, with pal in the 'piglet'.

The Head Troll, John, with pal in the ‘piglet’.

From the Personal Blogsite:

I couldn’t believe that we talked Mel into joining us on this years Soroptomist garden tour. “Come on, it’ll be a return visit to Annsville, to see what it’s like now!” Mel had milled lumber for the it around 2003. This was the first garden listed on the tour. Dick Tracy calls it Troll Knoll in his caption for the tour. “In all my travels and garden tours over the 40-odd years, I’ve never seen anything to equal ‘Troll Knoll.’ There’s a line between ‘hobby’ and ‘obsession’ and the garden’s creators crossed it long ago. Without meaning to. The 20-acre creation of John and Ann Morris in Penn Valley is as much a love story as it is about gardening. As John points out, the German word for garden (garten) means ‘sanctuary,’ and that’s what he originally planned to create on a hilltop that had been blackened by the ’49er Fire’ in 1988. ‘What I really wanted was a garden to take Ann on evening walks,’ he says.” As you stroll through the garden with us I will mostly quote Dick Tracy’s story about it.

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