Hercule’s Bluff

Hercule’s Bluff is where the boxer, Plato, has found the first burial. There was quite a commotion about the apparent stranger found there on the side of the swamp. The dramatic view from the overlook is surprising until you rethink the meaning given with the name to the area provided by the gardener. Is there more meaning?

Excerpt from Troll Knoll Murders

Chapter 2: Rough and Ready is a small Californian town that seceded from the union in the 1800’s largely due to avoid paying mining taxes. They returned rather quickly to join the party after alcohol was heavily taxed as an import fee. But, there is a seedy underbelly that still favors to return to its old rebellious ways. The local populace is generally aware of these miscreants and tend to ignore the local thugs; they are largely unorganized and are reliant on petty theft and morphine sales. However, in the past few years a leader has risen with Jack Fenton, a con man and voodoo practitioner. READ MORE>

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