Einsteiners Take An Enchanting Tour

Einsteiners Take a Tour of the Enchanting Troll Knoll

A lucky group of Einsteiners recently toured the Troll Knoll, a very special 20-acre private garden in Penn Valley.  The fanciful property belongs to John and Ann Morris who have been adding whimsical touches to it for over 20 years.

John, who calls himself “head troll” led the tour.  He is the creator of the Knoll which he has described as “a conceptual metaphor”.   Put simply, it is a collection of visual jokes and fascinating vignettes set in the middle of beautiful gardens.  It’s quirky and breathtakingly beautiful.  But however it’s described, the impression it makes is the same: everyone  who tours the Troll Knoll is enchanted by it.

Kellie told us the tour was fantastic and the group enjoyed it and John very much.  “He takes a lot of pride in it as he should.  It’s amazing.”

“Some people have a home with a garden,” John said. “We have a garden with a home.  A garden is a sanctuary, and that’s what this is: our sanctuary.”

About the Albert Einstein Center: Independent living housing facility for seniors over 62 years old, handicapped and disabled. Albert Einstein Center has also become a hub of programs and services for both the Sacramento Jewish community and Sacramento citizens in general. The facilities, including our dining room, parlor and meeting rooms, are used often for a wide variety of public gatherings, from writers’ groups to weddings. Albert Einstein Center is also the site of the annual California Legislative Seder.

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